Thursday, October 25, 2012


This is what I wore during the birthday party of my Grandpa. He is turning 57 years old already and this time,we got the chance to give a message for him with my cousins,my mom and his brothers and sisters. While I was the one talking infront of many people at the party, my grandpa started to cry because i was trying to reminisce the past when he was the one who is taking care of me. I owe him so much. I love him eventhough he's giving us a hard time sometimes with his addictions and with his attitude that can be easily be mad. My cousins and sister surprised him with letters that night. This night was an emotional night for us.
I just love the details of my dress,it's just unique for me. I wish i can learn how to crochet like this one.. This dress was given to me by my Aunt from Forever 21. What do you think about the details of it? :)
Dress, Forever 21
Bag, Jelly Bean
Shoes, So Fab
Accessories and blazer, Bazaar

Have a great day everyone!


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