Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hongkong - Shenzhen Tour

This Christmas was pretty amazing for me because I got a chance to celebrate it in Hongkong although we came there  on 27th of December already but still I consider it as a Christmas vacation. I warn you guys, this post isn't short as you think. I just wanna share to all of you about our tour in the place where you can find some of the Disney characters. So keep your eyes open and be patient. enjoy!:))
I wore this outfit that came from Bebe. This jumpsuit is just special for me because it's one of the Kardashian collection.
Meet my awesome and Beautiful Mom!
Hongkong trip is not complete when this girls are not with me especially in shopping time!:)) I just love my Mom and sisters and I'm so lucky to have them. 
 We stayed at L'Hotel Nina and the photo above was the view from our hotel then below was the exact photo of the hotel that we stayed. The hotel has a very interesting story behind it. A married couple is an owner of it and that bridge that you can see out there represents their hands that binds them together.

Hong Kong trip can never be complete without going to this famous Hong kong Disneyland! And of course Hello Disneyland,we meet again!

Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao are with us. Guys let me introduce to you our cutest cousins.:))

Aren't they the sweetest sisters and brothers ever? Haha

 These are my twin aunts. Tita Janet and Jinkee Pacquiao.
The best ride ever that I'd experience. I had a lot of fun riding on it with my cousins tho it was kind of scary because I never dare myself to ride on any roller coasters ever.

 Meet my crazy cousins. The planet of Jupiter was so heavy and look at our wacky faces. Haha. It looks weird,right?:D

Can you spot me if where am I?:D

 Our last stop was the Main Street, U.S.A where the parade had started. It was fun seeing them performing in front of me. It feels like i want to return on my childhood days enjoying life and watching this Disney characters just in front of the television.
And finally, the hardest part of all is saying (once again) goodbye to Hongkong! My mission to see the whole HK Disneyland is now complete. And now, I'll start my journey again to the other country. We are heading to ISRAEL and I will blog about it soon. We went there to spend our New year and especially to spend Time with God and be with him in his chosen place. 

I'll end this post with that wacky photo above! I'm so excited to blog about our tour in Israel, I hope you all are excited about it too?:)

Suzaenne Pearl