Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy day

Thanks for my grandma for choosing and buying that red dress  and accessories for me. Everytime I'm with my Grandma i feel like I'm a little spoiled bratt because everything I want she'll buy it for me. That's why sometimes I prefer to go shopping with her because she don't even care about her money. Even sometimes with my allowance,she's the one who is incharge of it instead of my mom:D
I wore this outfit from church, after it we went to SM Gensan to have a lunch with my whole family,cousins and many more because its a birthday treat for us of my aunt. This day also was a tiring day for me, I got to clean and arrange my new room and I'm like most happiest girl in the world because one of my biggest hope is to have a walk in closet was now a DREAM COME TRUE. Thanks for my Mom for granting my wish!

So much for that, I'll be posting more about my room soon. So keep intouch and have an awesome day to you dolls!:)


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