Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An Anniversary Date with my Bestfriend

This day is a very special day for me because We are celebrating our Four years of Friendship with my bestfriend.  We ate at Giacominos, and it was perfect because we don't have class for the afternoon also.

This is our anniversary cake,small but yummy! This cake has a story behind. At first Jaja and me didn't noticed that it's our anniversary, at first we thought that it's just our monthsary. After we counted the months, we just looked at each other jumping with surprise like a silly little kids. To late to remember that it's our anniversary:D

"Garlic Chicken"

Meet my Bestfriend,Jaja Animas.:)

They are my craziest friends,Chikoy and Kuya Erl:D Look at the cake on their teeth,silly!
From left, Germaine,Jaja,Me and Jeda. After Jaja and I had eaten, we watched Snow white and the Huntsman with that two other girls. They are our Highschool friend.

message for her: Happy 4th Anniversary Jaja Animas! even in the tough times you didn’t attempt to leave me, even in the ups & downs of our friendship you didn’t gave up. You didn’t fail to make me happy. Your such a faithful and honest friend. I’m so Lucky to have a Bestfriend like you! Iloveyousomuch<3 Hoping & praying to have more years spending with you!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Items I got from my Mom♥

Hi there! My mom had just arrived from Vegas last week and she brought me all of this stuff. She said this stuffs are not enough cause there's a lot of boxes that she left in Vegas and it will arrive here next month and I'm really excited for it:)
 Bag from GUESS, dress from COTTON ON, tops from H&M
 Lingeries from VICTORIA SECRET

All from COTTON ON


Shoes from ED HARDY

So thankful to have a generous mom

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dance with my Father

Hi there! long time no post, it has been a very busy schedule for me this past few days because my class had just started. And congrats for me for I survived my First day in  college:) This is my outfit today from church,I just wanna share it to you guys!
 The Eiffel Tower vintage necklace was given to me by someone special<3
Dress, Forever 21

By the way I just wanna greet all the Fathers out there a Happy Father's day to you all! I hope you all guys appreciate this post. The title of this post was from the song that I've been listening for this Father's Day, I just missed my dad maybe?:D
 Have an awesome day!