Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's always a Good Time

I wore this outfit during the birthday of my Sister Pauline Grace. It was a pool party that's why i feel like going on clothes that also feels like summer with a touch of bohemian look. I'll be busy again for the next few days because 2nd semester is coming. I dont know if I'll be excited or what. I hope you guys will appreciate my post. So much again for that. Have a Great day and Happy Halloween!:)
Top & Flats, Zara
Bag, Folded & Hung
Skirt, H&M


Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Stuffs at the end of OCTOBER

Before October ends, let me share to you my new stuffs I got yesterday from my Aunt Jinkee Pacquiao's Boutique. Jinkee's Fashion World has a mesmeric charm that let me and my mom stuck for an hour to go shopping.
I was mesmerized when the time that I saw this shoes. Isn't it beautiful? If you read my blog you'll now that I was so addicted on aztec and tribal print stuffs. This is my new addition for my collection. For all of my babies, this is my most favorite. This shoes is to die for.
Shoes, Refresh
This flats is perfect for a bohemian look especially the heels above right?
Flats, Qupid
Jumpsuit, The Vintage Shop
you know what's the most beautiful part of this two clothes? It's in the back! For the yellow one, my favorite is the Ribbon thing. And for the dress, it's the cut out at the back. Can't wait to wear and get an outfit post with this cute clothes.
Dresses, The Vintage Shop
Bag from Folded & Hung

Forever thankful with my mom, she's the reason why I have this things and also for God for never getting tired of giving us blessings. I hope you all would enjoy this post. 

Enjoy the end of your October!:))

Thursday, October 25, 2012


This is what I wore during the birthday party of my Grandpa. He is turning 57 years old already and this time,we got the chance to give a message for him with my cousins,my mom and his brothers and sisters. While I was the one talking infront of many people at the party, my grandpa started to cry because i was trying to reminisce the past when he was the one who is taking care of me. I owe him so much. I love him eventhough he's giving us a hard time sometimes with his addictions and with his attitude that can be easily be mad. My cousins and sister surprised him with letters that night. This night was an emotional night for us.
I just love the details of my dress,it's just unique for me. I wish i can learn how to crochet like this one.. This dress was given to me by my Aunt from Forever 21. What do you think about the details of it? :)
Dress, Forever 21
Bag, Jelly Bean
Shoes, So Fab
Accessories and blazer, Bazaar

Have a great day everyone!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy day

Thanks for my grandma for choosing and buying that red dress  and accessories for me. Everytime I'm with my Grandma i feel like I'm a little spoiled bratt because everything I want she'll buy it for me. That's why sometimes I prefer to go shopping with her because she don't even care about her money. Even sometimes with my allowance,she's the one who is incharge of it instead of my mom:D
I wore this outfit from church, after it we went to SM Gensan to have a lunch with my whole family,cousins and many more because its a birthday treat for us of my aunt. This day also was a tiring day for me, I got to clean and arrange my new room and I'm like most happiest girl in the world because one of my biggest hope is to have a walk in closet was now a DREAM COME TRUE. Thanks for my Mom for granting my wish!

So much for that, I'll be posting more about my room soon. So keep intouch and have an awesome day to you dolls!:)


Friday, October 5, 2012

Bridal Modeling SM Gensan


Thanks for Juhn Ador for making me his Model at SM General Santos and for making this beautiful Gown That I wore during the Bridal Gala.

My gown at the Bidal Gala was the Gown that I wore during my Senior Prom. I was so honored and happy when Juhn Ador approach me to be his model at SM. This is one of the greatest thing that happened to me, I was laughing so hard after I modeled because of some of the bloopers that I had with the two men above. Thank God for this opportunity. I love you! and BTW God please dont let the Stupid law be appoved by the government? Our Government is over reacting right now. Thats all for that freakin' law.

Have a Good Day!
Suzaenne PearlXXX