Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mom's Love

I'm very thankful for my mom for being my fashion partner. She is also have passion for fashion, maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with fashion maybe because of her. Growing up with my mom is so awesome because she knows my taste in everything. Last day she went in Davao and she never fail to forget my pasalubong. I'm gonna miss her because she'll be living for the fight of my uncle Manny Pacquiao this time.
 Japanese Perfume,Juicy cocktail nail polish,rosy lipstick and blush on from Etude House
 Gold earrings and animal print bangle from Promod, Pastel earrings from Aldo
Sequence and dream catcher necklace,polka dots watch, neon green belt from Promod

Thank you Mom for all of this! Shout out for my mom Haydee Jamora, I'm gonna miss you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lazy Monday

On a Lazy Monday I just wore a Printed stripe top,Shorts and flats. At first I went to the house of my uncle Manny Pacquiao to tour my bestfriend with her relatives, I'm the one also who took a picture of them. After it I went to a birthday Party then when I and my bestfriend got bored we went to a coffee shop @ Kee's Cafe.

 with Ate Kaye.

From left, Jammy,Ate Kaye, Jaja(my bestfriend) & me
At Kee's Cafe with my girlfriends Jaja and Duaine.

Have a great day! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

To err is Human, to forgive Devine

Hey there!:) how's your Sunday? I wore Red and Pink on church and this day is quiet inspiring and enjoyable. It's our 13th anniversary of our church, our new guest Pastor is a very nice speaker and I was very enlightened by our topic. By the way I just wanna share my outfit to you guys, I hope you enjoyed!:)
My top and shoes came from Bazaars and guess what? my cute skirt was only thrifted:D
 Ribbon clip from Terranova.
Have a blessed Sunday guys, God bless!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cream & Orange

We attended a wedding this day and my sister was the flower Girl. I wore this dress to the wedding. This day was kind of lazy day for me, I woke up 12 in the afternoon and took a bath to attend the wedding of our computer electrician.

Meet my beautiful sister. Please grow up so I can be your Fashion stylist :D
 This Mickey Mouse Polaroid came from Singapore,I love this because of the instant photos especially when  I'm having fun with my loved ones.
Have a great day dolls, enjoy your last time of summer!=)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boho Sunday

I can't think of what I would wear, so this outfit just pops up on my head. Yellow and leopard print turned so well.
I really love to collect dreamcatchers, as of now, I only have four of it. trying to collect more.
 Failed jump shot.
Peace!! I look like a kid and a genie here.

 I'm a nerd:) nothing to do, so I borrowed my cousin's glasses. By the way that top that i wore with glasses is thrifted, love it because of its color.:)


Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello there! let me say that this past few days are making me crazy and exhausted. I'd been enrolling myself on my own without a help from my mom, Thank God I made it. Especially the blood testing, I was so scared that time and a little bit shy because I'm afraid of injections. But before that I just wanna share to you guys what I wore in school.
 Inspired by Yeng Constantino. Just don't mind my Face:D

No girly and boho outfit for today. I think, I'm really addicted in something mint green this past few weeks and also Pastels is one of my bucket list. 

I was also addicted in PEACE signs.

Meet our Yellow Volcswagen Beatle car. Wanna share to you also my Sunset inspired nails. I did it myself:) My next plan is Galaxy nails.
 I'm now a BS Tourism & Management Student. I hope first day on class is an awesome day for me and also for those incoming college student this year.
Have a great day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tropical Summer Heat

I chose this outfit for Mother's day. I love the color of the short that's why I bought this on Zara. Zara has more new arrivals right now, when I first entered the shop, I'm goin crazy if what I should really buy. There's so many amazing stuff their that I want especially the colors of it, it fits for summer.
Tropical top and Shorts from ZARA
Heels from NINE WEST
accessories from FOREVER21 and ACCESSORIZE.

Happy Mothers day to all of the Mommy's out there!