Saturday, August 17, 2013

Suzaenne at 18

So last April 29 I celebrated my 18th birthday. I haven't posted it after I had celebrated because of my hectic schedule, and I'm so sorry guys for being so irresponsible when it comes to blogging. If I had the time in the world, I would be just keep on posting on my blog. So much for that, i think I should start talking about my debut:)
The place where I had celebrated my Debut was at Venue 88 here in General Santos City. My theme was all about cherry blossoms.

My gorgeous gown was designed by no other than Juhn Ador, which was also the designer of my past gowns during my prom in my high school years.
And because of my debut, me and my high school classmates had a mini reunion. So glad they'd come too my party.
 Meet my beautiful mom. Sexy,right?;) I thank this lady for being so loving, caring and for raising me up and teaching me to become a Godly woman. My life would be so miserable without my mom!
 So I hope you guys also enjoyed seeing my photos during my debut:) This day was so memorable for me and i will never ever forget this.  So have a good day everyone!!;)


Snow White

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Union Jack

Felt so addicted with this Union Jack prints, and one of the reason why I'm wearing this kind of outfit was because of the boy group called One Direction. And I must admit that I'm one of there  fan:) Supposedly, that is a plain white shoes but because of my creative sister she painted it with the Union Flag and it transformed so well. Thanks for her creative mind! How are you guys? Have a great summer to all of you!;)

Bag, gift
Shoes, DIY
Pants, from Baguio
Accessories, Forever 21
Shirt, SM Malls