Friday, March 1, 2013

Israel Day 4 to 5

 Our first stop was on the "Theatre of Beth-She'an". Beth She'an is th best-preserved  theatre discovered in Israel. Performance at the theatre are presented in daytime The people of Beth She'an preferred lighter entertainment, mainly pantomimes and imitations. Sometimes this theatre was served as a gathering place where the citizens could air their views on social and political issues.
If you wonder why there faces was like that, it's because they are pretending to poop. funny right? This place  was the public latrine of Beth She'an. Only the wealthy could afford private lavatories. Public latrines like this were built in various neighborhoods for the convenience of their residents.

The view in front of our room in our hotel is Dead Sea. Look how beautiful is it. I regret i didn't swam there during my stay because my mom won't allow us:(
Our second stop was on Solomon's pillar in Timma Valley. Timna is considered the place the first mines on Earth. These were copper mines developed by Egyptians about six thousand years ago. It is also believed to be the place of copper mining under King Solomon. And due to this belief, the name 'King Solomon's Mines' is often associated with Timna. Most of the rocks in Timna valley consist of sandstone. Sandstone is a base material for unique geological formations in Timna like Solomon's Pillars.

For the fifth day we spent our whole day sailing at the Red Sea.  I faced my fear of heights during this time because I had tried to go for parasailing, at first I was so scared but I conquered it. I am so proud of myself for doing that. It was a once in a lifetime experience. 
So guys, don't be afraid to try new things. It might scare you for a while but if you believe that you can do it, You Can!
Have a good day everyone!:)


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