Sunday, July 22, 2012

Junior and Senior Promenade

I want to share to you guys the gowns that I wore during my junior and Senior proms in highschool. 

 I have no best picture of my Junior promenade. But by the way I'm proud to say that I'm the best dresser on that night(Haute Couture Dresser). The theme of our promenade here is Fame and glamour Hollywood.

All of this gowns was designed by Jhun Ador and make-up my Bobong Otanes.
Sorry if the pictures do not have a good quality. I am rushing to have a picture because definitely I'm late. On my senior prom,my hair and make up was inspired by the movie "Pearl Harbor". I really like it because it's vintage. If you want to contact Jhun Ador just add him up on facebook
All of my promenade experience is very exciting and all of it has a story behind it.

SuzaennePearl xxx


  1. You look stunning! <3

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  2. Aww you look so beautiful with the red!! And your hairstyle is fab :D
    Very much old Hollywood style!
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